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Mental Domination

*dance till you bleed*

Lovely Fucking Lush
hi. i love loud music,basists,black cats,skeletons, chicks in punk bands,guns,museums, danger,odd hair colors, and peircings.i am an educated groupie who loves band punks, and falls for the skinny, tattooed, peirced young boys of the world.i am often misunderstood. I am a caffeeine junkie and on a daily basis screw over large corrporations for my free coffee...extra shots please. I am an art major planing to take up guitar. And am interning for the summer. My dream is to get a peircing licence and eventually own a little parlor. Am i cliche or what? Thats all for now. If you read about me...great. If not i dont give a fuck, your missing out.

Layla Vicious

"I'm going to beat you beyond the end of time, and grin like a fucking maniac!"

(aka gutter whore/atomic betty)
love hangover
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ok go ahead....try not to love it.....i DARE YOU!

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my pet!